As a designer and artist, Eva Iszoro explores the genesis of virtual textile volumes in a way that is entirely original and novel. In doing so, she applies the experimental pattern cutting method known as 'Accidental Cutting', which she founded and described in her PhD thesis, leading to the award of the Extraordinary Prize by the Polytechnic University in Madrid in 2017. This method is focused on discovering, rather than searching for, volumes that have not existed before, through abstract, random, and accidental cuts and patterns.

The unexpected volumetric results can take on deeper conceptual meanings, evolving into elements of visual language. Fashion transforms into textile art, becoming veritable textile sculptures, occasionally in motion, and experimental pattern cutting becomes a creative tool. Generally, the main goal is to uncover the non-existent through entirely experimental processes. These have been further enriched through the utilization of virtual reality, enabling a deeper exploration of phenomena and perceptual experiences that remain inaccessible in the physical world.

Her artwork 'Beginnings' has been longlisted for The Lumen Prize award 2023, in the Still Image category.

Volume conformation, application of Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method. Artistic series BEGINNINGS

Link BEGINNINGS at THE LUMEN PRIZE awards 2023 longlist, category: Still Image