elemento lineas
elemento signs

"Intertwined” consist of a linear geometric expression in which forms ---that can be of different types--- are linked. In this case we work with curved shapes, each displacement of union of the cut shapes leading to very different volumes. If the original displacement is very insignificant, the volume usually has a smaller relief than if the displacement is very large.

“Geometric Perturbations” is characterized by the use of fabrics with geometric patterns in which all the edges are equal. Therefore, the elimination of a part of the weft allows new joints in such a way that the edges marry perfectly, and a volumetric perturbation occurs within the plot. The cuts can have variable surfaces, and the unions that can be produced can also be very different. It gives raise, therefore, to a research of infinite possibilities.

“Lines” is characterized by the use of simple line cuts of lines to obtain more or less significant volumes.

“Signs” is based on the cut of a basic shape and its subsequent placement and union different than at the origin, which causes an unsuspected volume rise, depending on different unions.