Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro

Serendipity Experimental Fashion  3D Virtual Art Virtual Textiles Digital Art Experimental Method Abstract Patterns

Accidental Cutting is an experimental pattern cutting method, intellectual property of Eva Iszoro, focused on finding, not looking for, non-existent volumes, through abstract, random and accidental cuts and patterns. It is also a fashion brand and 3D virtual art and digital art project based on it”


Explore the visionary world of Eva Iszoro, a trailblazing 3D artist and a luminary in Experimental Fashion Design. Known for her unique approach that embraces the concept of Serendipity, Eva allows chance, creativity and emerging patterns to guide her innovative design process. Her groundbreaking works in 3D Virtual Art and Digital Art are a testament to this philosophy. Eva’s portfolio is rich with diverse examples of 3D Art, where each creation is a reflection of her distinct approach to form and structure. Particularly notable are her Virtual Textiles, where she skillfully transforms digital threads into complex, fabric-like structures. Through her art, Eva Iszoro continually pushes the boundaries of fashion and design, exploring the endless possibilities of volumetric creation and textile sculptures in the virtual realm.

Accidental Cutting virtual textile sculptures, digital art, 3D virtual art

Virtual textile models applying Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method. 

Accidental cutting 3D virtual art modeles made with the same unique pattern

Abstract patterns applying Accidental Cutting experimental method.