Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro

NFT collection “EMPTINESS”_2023

Artistic series of 3D virtual textile sculptures, still images, animations.

The “Emptiness” NFT collection is directly derived from the virtual emponymous fashion collection for Spring/Summer 2023 by the Accidental Cutting fashion Brand. This fashion Brand was founded by Eva Iszoro. The collection was presented at international fashion runway: London Fashion Week, in September 2022.This computer art series of visual art has a great charge of visual poetics.

Visual art series & fashion collection at London Fashion Week

Accidental Cutting, Eva Iszoro’s fashion brand, presented the ‘Emptiness’ collection for Spring/Summer 2023 at London Fashion Week in September 2022. Alongside her computer art series Beginnings, this collection signifies a turning point in Iszoro’s career, bridging fashion design and visual art. Uniquely, the garments envelop models in unconventional poses, thereby creating a distinct expression in fashion comunication.

Images from the Virtual Fashion Collection “EMPTINESS” for Spring/Summer 2023 presented at London Fashion Week.

Eva Iszoro’s Accidental Cutting Method: A Revolutionary Approach to volumetric textile construction

This artistic series of 3D virtual textile models emerges through flat patterns and cuts that are random, accidental, and abstract, thereby aligning with Eva Iszoro’s Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method. Consequently, this vision surpasses traditional fashion design boundaries.

Moreover, in both the artistic series and the fashion collection, designers primarily utilize very simple patterns, incorporating abstract minimalist cuts. Accordingly, this method harmonizes with the Zero Waste Pattern Cutting (ZWPC) or Zero Waste Pattern Making philosophy, underscoring the series’ innovative ethos.

Patterns in movement of the garment from “Emptiness” ss2023 fashion collection used in the NFT collection of the same name
Each piece in this artistic series skillfully utilizes minimal flat patterns, either wrapping around an invisible body or gracefully floating in the air.

NFT Collection: Journey from Fashion Runway to 3D Visual Art exploring visual poetics

Both the ‘Emptiness’ SS 2023 fashion collection, showcased at LFW, and its corresponding art series actively express themes of isolation, time’s passage, and endings. Additionally, they unfold more uplifting interpretations, evoking serene relaxation or an ethereal summer floating sensation.

In contrast, the artistic series diverges from the fashion line, embracing more creative freedom. Within this 3D art series, the artist sometimes subtly implies or completely omits the human form, enabling abstract textile forms to float freely and evoke majestic, moving sculptures. Importantly, this technique greatly enriches the range of sensations and emotions.

Furthermore, the 3D art collection skillfully transforms human emotions into a virtual textile language. Flat patterns progress into evocative 3D virtual sculptures, challenging perceptions and reshaping both fashion and 3D art. These sculptures deeply resonate with themes of isolation and the unyielding march of time, representing a journey through visual poetics and innovative design, and thus establishing a new standard in the convergence of fashion, art, and technology.

Seamlessly transitioning from the runway to the digital realm, Eva Iszoro unveils an exclusive NFT collection. These NFT drops capture the essence of ‘Emptiness,’ blending tactile fashion with virtual art’s limitless potential. This NFT collection offers a unique opportunity to immerse in this pioneering fusion of fashion and 3D art.

3D virtual textile sculpture, textile wrapped around invisible human body. Visual art series that derives from a fashion collection presented at fashion runway: London Fashion Week.

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Accidental Cutting pattern of a dress floating in air, a visual poetics image. NFT drop on MakersPlace

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Visual poetics, Emptiness 3D visual art series.

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