Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro

“ABSENCES Nostalgia of the Last Summer”_2022

Artistic series of 3D virtual sculptures, still images, animation.

This artistic series is inspired by the “Accidental Cut” fashion collection for spring & summer 2021/22, presented as part of the official schedule at London Fashion Week in September 2021. On a conceptual level, emphasis is placed on the origins of the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern method, which anchors the creative process in patterns and cuts that are accidental, abstract and random, through which unique and unknown volumes can be built, that have not existed until now. This approach embodies the brand’s distinctive identity. It is not only novel methods of volumetric construction that are explored, but generally, the concept of accidental cuts themselves, establishing a connection between any and all types of incisions, from those that cause injury to abstract pattern cuts. At the same time, this directly references and reinforces the brand’s image and name.

Virtual construction can be considered a sustainable approach, which does not require physical construction in the prototyping, filming or commercial presentation of the product. On the other hand, virtuality is explored as a way of creating and communicating unthinkable realities in the physical world. We can escape from the law of gravity and open up new filming possibilities, and are not forced to resort to extravagant and expensive methods that must respect the laws of the real world. In this sense, fashion becomes art, and virtual sculptural volumes become motion.

ABSENCES_01_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi

ABSENCES_02_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi

ABSENCES_03_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi

ABSENCES_04_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi

ABSENCES_05_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi
ABSENCES_06_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi

ABSENCES_07_JPG 3500x4000px 300ppi