Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro


Accidental Cutting is a designer fashion brand founded by architect, visual artist and designer Dr. Eva Iszoro, author of the experimental pattern cutting method Accidental Cutting. This fashion brand is actually presenting collections at London Fashion Week, since 2020. Before that presented collections at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Madrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion

Accidental Cutting, as high-end fashion brand, is featuring, designer clothes, top jewellery and other unique accessories. Accidental Cutting creates top coats, designer dresses, shirts and pants, generated mostly with the method.

Those unique clothes and other top design objects are characterized by original volumes that didn´t exist before, in advance, and they correspond to unrepeatable flat patterns obtained during the Accidental Cutting method processes. The volumetric particularities based in random, abstract, and accidental cuts and patterns contribute to the creation of a new avant-garde fashion style. So the main purpose of this fashion brand is the innovation and research in the field of experimental pattern cutting, and this fact together with choice of high quality fabrics and constructive endings, situate this brand in the top fashion design.The Accidental Cutting production is limited, and all the pieces are numerated and belongs to conceptual series, that can last in time continuously, and can be applied in different exclusive collections, even temporarily away from each other.

The Accidental Cutting Brand as luxury designer brand was funded in 2019, but the practical and theoretical researches carried out by Dr. Eva Iszoro are continuous since 2004. The method is described in the V chapter of the author´s doctoral thesis and in post-thesis research articles.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid


080 Barcelona Fashion


Roca Gallery Madrid


Valencia Fashion Week

_WILD AW 2012/13

Valencia Fashion Week