Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro


AI Artificial Intelligence moving image film artwork

“INSIDE A DRESS” Moving Image V1 AI/VR 2024 is an artwork created from six still images from the virtual reality artistic series “Emptiness,” which, in turn, derives from a single white dress belonging to the “Emptiness” fashion collection for spring/summer 2023 by Eva Iszoro’s brand, Accidental Cutting, presented at London Fashion Week in September 2022.


The starting point, and also the end of this artwork, is a white tulle transparent dress wrapped around an invisible human body folded in an unusual pose of withdrawal. This piece is an emotive sensory journey through the garment, which transforms in space while simultaneously alluding to a soft interior and an exterior in continuous expansion, creating an ambiguity between the enveloping interior and the exterior.


The visual poetics of lightweight fabrics in constant motion emphasize themes of isolation, solitude, and the passage of time. There is also a more positive interpretation that invokes pleasant summer moments of relaxation or a floating sensation, and the perception of soft fabrics touching the skin.

The original dress was generated through flat patterns and cuts that are random, accidental, and abstract, applied using the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method, which is the intellectual property of Eva Iszoro. The six VR images used as the starting point for this artificial intelligence artwork correspond to this single garment, first wrapped around the human body and then floating in the air.


The video is designed to be displayed in a loop, starting and ending with the enrolled dress on the invisible body.

INSIDE A DRESS, computer moving image AI artwork