Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro


Artistic series of 3D virtual sculptures, still images, animation

In this artistic series, which utilizes virtual textile models generated using the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method, the objective is to evoke the golden days gone by. Virtual textile artworks manifest the grandeur of fallen curtains or palace drapes that recall past eras. The entire series is developed using the same flat patterns, giving rise to volumes that are differentiated due to changes introduced in their joints.

GOLDEN AGE_01_JPG 3500x3500px 300ppi
GOLDEN AGE_02_JPG 3500x3500px 300ppi
GOLDEN AGE_03_JPG 3500x3500px 300ppi
GOLDEN AGE_04_JPG 3500x3500px 300ppi
GOLDEN AGE_05_JPG 3500x3500px 300ppi