Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro

UPSIDE DOWN_Our World our Time AW 22/23_virtual runway show

This virtual runway show for the autumn/winter 2022-23 collection was presented at London Fashion Week in February 2021. It marked the fourth virtual collection by Eva Iszoro, one of the leading digital fashion designers. Certainly, her proposal seamlessly unites technology and fashion design. Most of the 3D designs were created using the Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method, Eva Iszoro’s intellectual property.

Additionally, the experimentation extends to textile design, where everyday objects are scanned and integrated into prints. Objects as mundane as brushes, rulers, and plastic bags are juxtaposed with Accidental Cutting jewelry methacrylate cutouts and the brand’s label. Additionally, a single avatar, that of Eva Iszoro, serves as the virtual embodiment of the designer, actively engaging in the show.

This marks a significant foray by Eva Iszoro into the intersection of technology and fashion design, solidifying her position among digital fashion designers. Emphasis is placed on the filming of the show to enhance the overall experience.

Fashion Film Concept

Furthermore, this collection reflects the instability of our times amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the looming threat of a Third World War. We experience periods of confinement juxtaposed with fleeting moments of freedom. Nothing remains unchanged; everything has shifted. Moreover, intuition dictates the need to remain still, motionless, as life hurtles forward, particularly in digital and virtual realms.

In this presentation, viewers embark on a journey through a decadent virtual environment, resembling a video game. Here, the 3D designs of models and garments are frozen in time, mirroring our current reality. Notably, this collection debuted just three days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The music was composed by Johnny Paradiso @johnnyinparadise.

UPSIDE DOWN, Virtual runway show presented at London Fashion Week. 3d designs and film by Eva Iszoro

“Activity carried out with the support of the City Hall of Madrid ” / “Proyecto realizado con el apoyo del programa de ayudas a la creación y la movilidad del Ayuntamiento de Madrid”

3d designs by Eva Iszoro. Film frame of virtual fashion runway: UPSIDE DOWN presented at London Fashion Week

This video was created exclusively for the official schedule of London Fashion Week, February 2022. 3D design of clothes and objects, animation, lighting and filming by Eva Iszoro. The music for this film was composed by Johnny Paradiso, @johnnyinparadise.