Present Pedagogical Experience
-Lecturer Fashion Design- Project, URJC- King Juan Carlos University (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) Madrid, since 2017
-Lecturer Fashion Design- Project, at ESDM- School of Design (Escuela Superior de Diseño) Madrid, since 2012

Previous Pedagogical Experience
-Lecturer Fashion Design, ESNE- University School of Innovation, Technology and Design (Escuela Universitaria de Innovación, Tecnología y Diseño), Madrid, 2016/2017
-Lecturer in Architecture- Project, UA- Alicante University (Universidad de Alicante) 2011-2013
-Lecturer in Fashion Design- Project, Degree of Design and Fine Arts- UFV- Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid, 2011-2012
-Collaborations with other institutions for workshops, conferences and masterclasses: RCA- Royal College of Art, London- 2017; Ravensbourne London 2017; AMD-Postgraduate Course in Architecture and Fashion- ETSAM- Madrid School of Architecture (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura), Madrid- UPM Polytechnic University, Madrid – 2017; RESAD- Royal School of Drama (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático), Madrid 2012/2014; EASD School of Design (Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny) Valencia 2016; WFE- Work Experience Fashion 2016; CSDMM-Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda- UPM Polytechnic University, Madrid 2012/2014; IED-Instituto Europeo de Diseño, Madrid, 2010/2011; UCM- Complutense University (Universidad Complutense), Madrid, 2016, Wrocław University 2014.

If you are a University or other Academic Institution please contact:

Accidental Cutting Workshop at RCA- Royal College of Art, London, June 2016.