“ELEMENTS” , This virtually designed collection refers to today’s world, which is characterized by the accelerated pace of consumerism and the unnecessary accumulation of clothing, a fully transformable collection is proposed. Made up of a handful of interchangeable elements, a multitude of different garments can be created. These basic elements correspond to flat patterns with fasteners along the edge, such as zippers or ties, allowing for the genesis of conventional garments, as well as others that are more original and innovative. They follow the philosophy of the experimental pattern cutting method Accidental Cutting, which is the intellectual property of Eva Iszoro, founder of both the method and the fashion brand. The proposal constitutes an endless open system, with a tendency to infinity, which allows unions of standardized lengths, and the user becomes an active agent of creation and volumetric experimentation. The consumer does not buy garments but only flat textile elements, in the quantity they want, with which is possible to play and create more conventional and extravagant and original garments. The presentation consists of two virtual reality movies, one in 2D and the other in 3D that can be seen with virtual reality glasses.


3D design, Direction_ Eva Iszoro
Eva Iszoro´s Assistant_Mehrsa Issazadeh
Music_ Johnny Paradiso