Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro


Eva Iszoro, a visionary 3D artist, is renowned for her expertise in crafting captivating animated 3D art and immersive Virtual Reality experiences. Her groundbreaking crypto NFT VR art ventures redefine the boundaries of 3D Art and Virtual Fashion, reshaping the digital landscape with each render artwork. Eva’s VR art pieces seamlessly blend creative flair with digital craftsmanship, offering viewers an unparalleled journey into virtual realms. Furthermore, Eva’s mastery extends to her experimental pattern-cutting method, Accidental Cutting, where she brings abstract flat patterns to life as vibrant, three-dimensional forms, showcasing her commitment to innovation in every creation.

As a matter of fact, her crypto NFT are a testament to her skill, merging art and fashion with technology. These animated 3d art pieces and render artworks offer viewers a distinct experience, changing their perception of space and form. Moreover, Eva’s expertise extends to Virtual Textile Sculptures. In this field, she intricately explores texture and structure. Her digital fabrics challenge traditional limits. Each of her creations embarks on a bold journey, exploring new possibilities in virtual design.


Artistic series of 3D art virtual textile sculptures, render artworks. 

In “Synthetic Perversions,” Eva Iszoro uses unique volumes and textures to create a visual language balancing synthetic beauty, artificial luxury, and the obscene. Her virtual textile models, generated through her Accidental Cutting method, discover new volumes via abstract cuts. The human figure, subtly present, merges with animal forms. Pink artificial fur garments contrast with provocative cuts, inviting diverse interpretations and expressing concepts in a personal way.


AI Artificial Intelligence moving image film artwork.

“INSIDE A DRESS” Moving Image V1 AI/VR 2024 is an artwork derived from six still images from the virtual reality series “Emptiness. This piece is an emotive sensory journey through the garment, which transforms in space while simultaneously alluding to a soft interior and an exterior in continuous expansion, creating an ambiguity between the enveloping interior and the exterior.


Artistic series of 3D art virtual textile sculptures, render artworks, animated 3d art.

“Beginnings” is a captivating 3D crypto art series. It uses the Accidental Cutting method to create abstract virtual textile sculptures. This artwork represents the complexity of nascent life. It’s both unsettling and intriguing. The pieces in this series provoke a spectrum of emotions. They range from pleasant to disturbing feelings. Additionally, this series was longlisted for The Lumen Prize 2023 in the Still Image category.


Artistic series of 3D art virtual textile sculptures, VR images, animations.

Emptiness’ is a crypto NFT art collection  by Eva Iszoro. It aligns with her Accidental Cutting virtual fashion collection for Spring/Summer 2023. Another key point is that this collection was featured at London Fashion Week. Moreover, the series delves into themes of isolation and temporality. Yet, it also offers a brighter view of summertime leisure and weightlessness. Importantly, it bridges contrasting emotions through its innovative design.


Virtual Reality Film (2D/ 360 3D VR ) 6´14¨, virtual animations, still images.

“Expecting Forward” is a virtual reality film by Eva Iszoro and, as a result, it offers a 360 immersive experience. The film contemplates themes of war and uncertainty. Significantly, this project emerged from the ‘Realities in Transition‘ residencies at V2_Lab in Rotterdam. This initiative explores Extended Reality’s impact on the real world.


Artistic series of 3D art virtual textile sculptures, still images, animation.

This artistic series features virtual textile models created with the Accidental Cutting method. They aim to evoke past eras’ grandeur. These artworks resemble majestic fallen curtains or palace drapes. Despite using the same flat patterns, unique volumes emerge. Specifically, this is due to variations in their joints.


Artistic series of 3D art virtual textile sculptures, still images, animation.

“Absences” is inspired by Eva Iszoro’s “Accidental Cut” virtual fashion collection. It translates her Spring & Summer 2021/22 collection into a 3D art series. The series showcases the brand’s unique method of creating volume from abstract cuts. Furthermore, it highlights virtual construction’s eco-friendly aspect. This approach also elevates fashion into gravity-defying art.


Artistic series of 3D art virtual textile sculptures, still images, animation.

This 3D art series is known for its sharp-cornered flat patterns. It includes rigid, angular silver 3D textile models. These are created using the Accidental Cutting method. Consequently, the series effectively captures an apocalyptic world’s stark coldness.