Accidental Cutting experimental pattern cutting method by Eva Iszoro


Virtual Reality Film (2D/ 3D VR 360) 6´14¨, virtual animations, still images.

Film by Eva Iszoro

Music by Johnny Paradiso


“Expecting Forward” is directly related to the war in Ukraine, and the general feeling of total uncertainty about the future. The 2D virtual film and 3D immersive artistic experience starts in an apocalyptic, destroyed world, still dangerous. The second part symbolizes the end of the horror, but it has different interpretations, that can be positive (liberation) or negative (death, rendition). At the end, a new world emerges from the ruins with or without humans.

This project is coproduced by Eva Iszoro and V2_Lab for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, as part of the Realities in Transition residencies. Realities in Transition is a European project that focuses on the impact of Extended Reality on the actual world. It is funded by the European Community and promoted by the following institutions: Ars Electronica (Austria), Seconde Nature (France), L.E.V. (Spain), KONTEJNER (Croatia), Dark Euphoria (France), V2_ Lab (The Netherlands) and iMal (Belgium).